Connectem & NFVNFV has taken the mobile carrier industry by storm over the past 12 months. As new LTE applications & devices are being launched with increasing frequency the underlying network is under duress and the traditional approach of vertical node based capacity growth is proving to be too expensive both from a Capex and Opex perspective. Connectem VCM has created the first instantiation of an NFV based vEPC.

Virtualization use case scenariosAs a self-contained core network that supports flexible, modular, and linear scaling, VCM can be used in many scenarios that are either impossible to support or are not cost effective in traditional core network architecture. See a sample of Connectem VCM use cases unique design and architecture.

End-2-End vEPC Service OrchestrationNetwork Function Virtualization(NFV) enables the deployment of network functions on general-purpose hardware instead of traditional purpose-built hardware. Furthermore NFV allows operators to leverage standard IT virtualization and cloud technologies to reduce total cost of operation and increase the service innovation, automation and scale.

Connectem Virtual Core for Mobile,Powered by VMwareRecent testing results demonstrate that the Connectem Virtual Core for Mobile (VCM) solution can manage unpredictable surges in LTE traffic up to 10 times more efficiently than physical infrastructure. Connectem’s VCM software and VMware® ESXi hypervisor running on commodity blade servers achieved exceptional efficiencies while processing control plane traffic.