Welcome to Connectem Inc

At our inception, Connectem looked at all aspects of network transformation and as such created a vEPC that we believe is a generation ahead of any other vendor in the industry today. This design approach of dismantling the current EPC nodal boundaries has allowed us to take a broader architectural perspective. With this vision and design for “Network transformation” we believe our carrier customers can combine assets in a way that provides unique services and superior products to their customers.

Connectem is the leader in developing & deploying the first Software based virtualized EPC running on standard datacenter infrastructure. The industry is saddled with the high cost of proprietary boxes and then with high operational cost due to the complex procedures and dimensionally challenged interconnection. This domain has been yearning for transformation. This critical industry initiative of moving proprietary network assets onto commercial server technology is gaining momentum in the carrier community and has been validated under the auspices of a group of carriers that is supporting the concept of Network Functional Virtualization or NFV.

The potential benefit of this approach to the carrier community is revolutionary from both a CAPEX and OPEX perspective with the potential to reduce these costs to roughly 10-20% of current economic structure. Connectem believes that it will not only provide economic benefits but enhance the ability for carriers to increase service velocity and enable the monetization of network information for adjacent industries.Learn more >


Innovation Architected


Innovation is an essential requirement for Network transformation. Connectem has designed mobile packet core ground up with inherent and systemic use of cloud and virtualization technologies. Explore with us the “art of the possible” through unique innovation and new service possibilities.


Collaboration is key to best of breed solution with economic efficiency. Connectem has developed deep relationships with partners to accelerate the delivery of the end to end solution. View some of the Connectem Partners making NFV a reality and we welcome you to join us in this journey.


Transformation is about enabling new ways of service creation and letting users do more with less. Explore some of the use cases as realized with Connectem VCM vEPC software.